Mozambique: MDM claims more than enough signatures for by-election

The opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) claims that it has gathered more than enough signatures in support of its candidate, Fernando Nhaca, to ensure that he is on the ballot paper for the mayoral by-election in the southern city of Inhambane scheduled for 18 April.

Any candidate for mayor must be supported by signatures from at least one per cent of the municipality’s registered electorate.

According to Agostinho Ussore, a senior MDM figure and one of the party’s eight parliamentary deputies, “here is Inhambane, 300 signatures were necessary, and in our activities with the municipal citizens we have managed to collect more than 600 signatures, and we feel comfortable with this”.

Cited in Tuesday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”, Ussore said the signatures will be delivered by Wednesday to the National Elections Commission (CNE), along with the other legally necessary documents for Nhaca’s candidature.

Meanwhile, the ruling Frelimo Party has not yet decided on its candidate. Three names have been proposed – Benedito Guimino, Joao Mudema and Graca Nhaliginga. The Party’s Political Commission will meet on Wednesday to approve these names, which will then be submitted to a session of the Frelimo Inhambane City Committee, which will make the final choice.

The nomination papers for all candidates must be submitted to the CNE by next Tuesday.

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