NGO gets practical

While many non-governmental organisations have a humanitarian focus, Practical Action stands out as an initiative committed to unique programmes that empower local residents.

Practical Action Southern Africa is involved in Public Private
Partnership deals with local authorities in the city.

The programme’s main thrust is to instill a sense of local ownership in programmes such as brick molding, waste management and plumbing.
The local authority is responsible in the implementation of the project.

The projects are being undertaken in the high density of areas of
Sakubva’s Ward One to five and are meant to improve the living
standards of residents.

Brick molding group leader, Malex Mauya, said his project had been a success.

“Brick molding is doing well because we acquired a tender in Arda
Transau where families from Marange are being relocated. We are
supplying one million bricks. Our challenge is transport which is very
expensive, but we can`t complain because we are earning a decent
income to feed our families,” said Mauya.

Speaking at a Public Private Partnership stakeholders meeting, Senior Town Planner, Richard Simbi, expressed his gratitude for the work of
Practical Action.

“We appreciate the work that Practical Action is doing to reduce poverty through livelihood sustenance projects which
are environmentally friendly,” Simbi said.

Practical Action Southern Africa started its operations in Mutare
four years ago and its programmes are bankrolled by the European Union

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