President promised children’s rights: activists

Child rights activists want to see the adoption of the new constitution before any election to deter politicians from abusing children during campaigning.

The rights of children are not respected.
The rights of children are not respected.

“At the moment children’s rights are not respected, despite Zimbabwe being a signatory to various international treaties.

These have not been domesticated to make sure they are legally enforceable in our courts,” said an activist, who preferred to remain nameless, on the sidelines of a media training workshop in Harare recently.

Legal Resources Foundation advocacy officer, Varaidzo Mudombi, said President Robert Mugabe had promised that children’s rights would be incorporated into the new constitution.

“During celebrations to mark the Day of the African Child, the President assured us the rights of children would be there and that the next elections would be held under a new constitution that ensured these rights would be respected. We will hold him and those driving COPAC to their word,” Mudombi said.

Analysts also expressed concern that schools could be closed for the holding of election rallies.

“The idea of holding rallies at primary schools should be a thing of the past. Children do not vote so why should they be party to something they do not partake in,” said an official from the National Council for the Welfare of Children.

Some politicians have in the past taken advantage of children to boost numbers at rallies, while some have gone to the extent of using them as shock troops in their salvage political fortunes.

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