Public Health Review: after 88 years

For the first time in 88 years, the Public Health Act has been reviewed.

Advisory Board vice chair, Itai Rusike, said the original Act brought in in 1924 was Simply a transplant from the English equivalent.

It has been amended several times to incorporate changing circumstances and reflect new health knowledge and challenges.

Rusike, who is also the Executive Director of the Community Working Group on Health, says the revised Act will be one of the bills to be debated by the seventh session of Parliament.

The document presents 20 proposals for review of the Act which include vision,objectives and principles.

Other proposals include rights,responsibilities,duties and powers in public health.

“While the age of the Act is itself not a basis for review, the lack of a holistic review over all these years has led to a number of shortfalls,” the Advisory Board says.

Some of the shortfalls include non-communicable diseases, maternal health, cross border risks and new epidemics.

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