Published COPAC Draft a stolen document-Mangwana

The Constitutional Select Committee (COPAC) has accused a state publication of stealing the draft document published last Friday saying it was not meant for public consumption.

Paul Mangwana
Paul Mangwana

COPAC Co-chairperson Paul Mangwana said the published Draft document published by The Herald was work in progress.

“I am not going to comment on an unofficial document that was not meant for the public domain in the first place.

“That is work in progress that we are editing and correcting, the time will come when we will officially inform Zimbabweans of what has come out of their input,” Mangwana said in an interview.

He said the documents in question had either been leaked or stolen “If your property is stolen when you find it you just take your property and go home.

“Somebody is being mischievous to the extent of either leaking or stealing our documents and that is now making it difficult for us to do our work, because people are now commenting and making assumptions based on an unofficial document which is wrong really,” said Mangwana.

Mangwana’s comments come as the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) a rabid critic of the COPAC process came out guns blazing accusing the Government of National Unity of abusing state funds on a wild goose chase.

“The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) is not surprised by the contents of COPAC`s First Draft Constitution, the Draft is the Kariba Draft on a COPAC letterhead.

“ As long as the constitution-making process remains exclusively in the hands of the three political parties in the GPA, Zimbabweans must not expect a miracle: the result will be a Kariba Draft vesting all powers in an Executive President and not doing enough in the area of social and economic rights,” a statement from the NCA said.

It said the exercise is bent on cheating the public and a money making scheme for politicians.

“The NCA is aware that COPAC is claiming to be working on this First Draft until it produces its final Draft but this is an exercise of cheating the public and making money for the politicians involved.

“COPAC will merely add the word “Final” to the Draft, and just for writing the word “FINAL”, millions of United States dollars will have to be paid to its members,” the statement said.

The NCA said instead of wasting money on this wild goose chase, the millions of dollars COPAC is using should have been used to provide food, clean water, electricity, medicines and education for the poor.

“The NCA is alarmed by the arrogance being shown by the Inclusive Government in almost all aspects of constitutional reform, it is proud to announce that “the new constitution will be negotiated” but still saying the process is “people-driven.

“A negotiated constitution is NOT a people-driven constitution, on the economy, it claims to have “stabilized the economy” when the lives of the majority of the people have not improved.

“What makes this arrogance most alarming is that some of our colleagues who used to be with us in the struggle for a genuine transformation of our society, now think that they have the power to short circuit our struggle, we will not allow them to do this,” said the NCA.

Reports suggest Mangwana and his ZANU-PF counterparts at COPAC have landed in hot soup with Mugabe over some sections that seek to bar the veteran dictator from competing in the next elections including an age limit.

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