PYD Celebrates the acquittal of Hon. Meki Makhuyana

PYD celebrates the acquittal of Hon.Meki Makhuyana of Chipinge South Platform for Youth Development Trust (PYD) received news of the acquittal of Chipinge South Legislator Hon. Meki Makhuyana with celebration. Makhuyana was for the past 3 years suspended from Paliament.This suspension was effected when the late Chipinge Magistrate Samson Zuze sentenced him to 18 months for violence.Makhuyana is clearly a case study to testify that evil will never triumph over good. Since 2008, his case has been

PYD is happy that Meki Makhuyana is now formally back in parliament and now fully represents his constituency. During the time he was on suspension a major dispute was brewing in Chisumbanje, pitting the poor and vulnerable villagers against the multi-million investor Macdom/Green Fuel. We remain confident that Makhuyana will ensure that this issue is discussed in parliament so that every stakeholder gets the formal details about the project as well as clarification on the relationship between the investor and the government of Zimbabwe.

While Macdom has provided a blue print claiming to have involved stakeholders, this information still remains without form and substance if one gets basics from the villagers. PYD promises to partner with the energised Makhuyana in rallying the villagers and the company to find each other in the interest of resolving the destructive conflict in his constituency.

Hon Meki Makhuyana was elected into office largely by the youths who form the majority of eligible voters. The youths have promised to continue rallying behind him on condition that he decisively confronts the situation before him. Makhuyana’s case is a clarion call to the police force particularly those at Chisumbanje police station to be professional in the manner they execute their duties.

The police details at Chisumbanje stands accused of dabbling in partisan politics. Reports of police showing overzealousness and arresting innocent villagers are now on the rise. Of late, the police at this post refused to record the ploughing down of ready crops at Chinyamukwakwa, a move instigated by the investor. It is such cases that will disappoint relations between the police and the community.

Green Fuel needs to take care that conflicts being experienced will eventually become unmanageable.

PYD continues to assure the villagers to be calm and collected as high profile engagements with parliament and cabinet are showing progress.

For the benefit of doubt, PYD is not opposed to the Ethanol Project but challenging the exploitative nature of the whole process.

Therefore, PYD is pushing for the following;

– That 75% of the employees at the company be taken from the local community.

– That the Joint Ethanol Project Advisory Committee is disbanded in favour a more representative committee. The current committee is partisan and bent on serving the interest of the company and their welfare

– That Macdom/Green Fuel meets their compensation plan for the villagers whose ready crops have been ploughed down since 2008

– That Green Fuel/Macdom convinces villagers that they have undergone an Environmental Impact Assesment.This will arrest the fears of the community whose livestock were victims when Jerawachera River got contaminated.

The villagers want their dignity and to be in charge of their destiny.PYD continues to take leadership by urging the villagers to remain united, focused and loyal to their legitimate leadership.

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