Rhumba star Mutodi denies Nyamupinga challenge

Flamboyant Rhumba star Energy Mutodi has reportedly thrown the gauntlet at Beatrice Nyamupinga, Zanu (PF) MP for Goromonzi West.

Energy Mutodi
Energy Mutodi

Nyamupinga confirmed that she has heard reports that the Rhumba star is dancing towards her seat.

Sources say Mutodi has the support of powerful politicians from Defence Minister Emerson Munangagwa’s faction of Zanu (PF) as jostling for positions continues to divide the party. He is ready and has the finances plus the political support that he requires, but it’s not going to easy though there are pitfalls along the way.

“Nyamupinga is a powerful woman who has done a lot for the constituency but she has aligned herself with the wrong group and she has to pay for that,” sources revealed.

They said Mutodi had been going around schools donating not only textbooks and building material in a bid to woo Zanu (PF) supporters to endorse him for the job. Nyamupingidza is also the Chairperson if the powerful Women’s Parliamentary Caucus. Mugabe could scupper Mutodi’s ambitions by declaring some constituencies reserved for women.

“He is welcome. I do not see him as much of a challenge but the people will have the final say on the matter,” Nyamupinga said. She said, as sitting MP her background and previous work will always be under scrutiny and everyone is free to challenge her when elections come.

Mutondi denied that he would like to challenge Nyamipinga. “I have no intention of contesting for any political office neither do I aspire to join politics now or in the future.

“If anybody says because I have helped with road maintenance then I am going to challenge them for the parliamentary seat then they are insinuating people should not do business or social development anymore,” Mutodi said.

He said he was involved in property development and: “We construct roads in order to create easy access to the properties like Charlotte Brooke. Now people say I want to be MP. It’s a joke really,” added the Rhumba star.

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