Student Arrests Continue:

Five Masvingo activists, Brighton Ramusi, Prosper Tiringindi, Zivanai Muzorodzi, Godfrey Kurauone and Brian Chimwayi were arrested yesterday afternoon. They are facing charges of Public violence emanating from challenging the Great Zimbabwe University dishonesty. The students assert that the University had advertised a new department of tourism and collected money. However, the department has not yet been opened and the activists were arrested trying to make representations on behalf of the stud

Zivanai Muzorodzi
Zivanai Muzorodzi

Student Solidarity Trust expresses concern at the lack of transparency in this issue. The University has clearly been unable to communicate its case to the students and acknowledging the cash squeeze students find themselves in, it is paramount for institutions of learning not to try to cash in. The Trust also continues to advocate for social justice and urges the State to stop persecuting the Activists for querying such nefarious behavior. Safeguards must also be put in place to make sure that students are not fleeced by greedy institution authorities.

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