Traffic police mount unwarranted roadblocks

Motorists have expressed disapproval of unnecessary roadblocks mounted by traffic police officers in the city centre. It is alleged that at robot controlled intersections in the city centre traffic police officers stand in groups of four to six and flag down cars.

Private taxi operators said that the police abruptly stop cars and find an offence and in some instances the police are said to solicit for bribes in order not to issue tickets to the offending motorists.

The taxi operators said that the police do not place any signs to notify drivers of the roadblocks but jump in front of targeted cars, giving the impression that they are witch-hunting. While BPRA commends work done by the police force in maintain order in communities and on the road it is also concerned that the uniformed officials are driven by the need to pursue their corrupt tendencies.

BPRA has convened meetings where residents have said that they can no longer place their trust in the police force as the uniformed officials are known for corrupt tendencies. This has forced many communities to introduce neighbourhood watch committees, made up of volunteering residents, to police their crime prone residential areas.

Alternative sources of power needed at clinics

As part of the means of resuscitating the health sector, residents request that the local authority ensure that there are alternative sources of power at all council clinics. The city council should prioritise the provision of power generators or solar panels so that power cuts will not inconvenience services provided at public clinics.

The clinics serve the poorest members of society. People that cannot afford private hospitals and clinics visit these thus it is important for the institutions to be up to standard. Lack of power can lead to reckless loss of life and this is avoidable. BPRA acknowledges that every resident has a right to health care facilities and each person should be served adequately.

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