Unemployment blamed for social problems

Massive unemployment among youths has fuelled political violence, drug abuse and the spread of HIV and AIDS as young people seek coping mechanisms in a country where only five percent of people are employed.

According to a study on youth and unemployment carried out by Sunungurai Chingarande and Macnoman Guduza: “Unemployment has brought all sorts of vices, including participation in politically-motivated violence, spread of HIV and AIDS and drug abuse.”

Masterminded by wealthy politicians, gangs of youths such as Chipangano and Upfumi Kuvadiki are used to cause mayhem.

The situation has been exacerbated, the researchers noted, by a shrinking economy that is struggling to absorb the graduates churned out of schools and colleges every year.

At its inception, the GNU sought to reduce unemployment but the 95 percent figure demonstrates its failure to address bread and butter issues. Political bickering over policy implementation seems t have taken precedence.

“There is need for a multi-sectoral approach and the involvement of all relevant ministries working on the youth, labour and employment issues to create synergies in attacking unemployment,” say the researchers.

Their recommendations include a revision of the curriculum to make it compatible with the needs of industry and grants and resources to enable youths to get involved in self-help enterprises.

Leading companies such as Old Mutual have already set aside funds earmarked for youth development, but this has not yet been implemented, and is also the subject of much controversy amid claims of political bias in favour of Zanu (PF).

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