Villagers forced to power former Zanu torture base

Villagers from Nyamukapa Ward have been forced to make a contribution of $11 per household for the electrification of Tsiga Hall, which was used as a Zanu (PF) torture base June 2008.

Zanu (PF) is hoping to raise $2 000 from the exercise in order to electrify the torture base ahead of the upcoming elections.

“The ward headman ordered all households to comply with the directive, or face the consequences. We are poor, defenceless villagers with no option but to comply with the instruction,” said a local man.

The deadline for payment of the forced contributions was February 12, 2012. “We paid the money out of fear. Many of us had to sell livestock in order to raise the $11”, said a villager who did not want to be identified.

Villagers challenged the local Member of Parliament, Mebho Chinomona, to account for the 2011 government-funded $38 000 Constituency Development Fund.

“We understand that the money from the CDF project could have been used to electrify the hall, but nothing tangible has emerged from the money given. The MP should show us which projects she carried out at the expense of the hall lectrification. The hall was used as a Zanu (PF) torture base and villagers are reluctant to help the former ruling party electrify it with elections on the horizon,” said another local.

MP Chinomona could not be reached for comment.

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