Witnesses testify at Gukurahundi memorial

Ibhetshu Likazulu successfully held its annual Gukurahundi memorial last week, despite earlier objections by police. One of the highlights was the lighting of candles by co-Minister of National Healing, Moses Mzila, Buster Magwizi of the ZPRA

Veterans Trust, Reverend Ray Motsi and others.

“We lit the candles in honour of the departed victims of Gukurahundi, which Mugabe calls a ‘moment of madness’. We lit them as a sign of hope for a future without war but peace,” said Mzila. Plain clothes policemen observed the proceedings.

Witnesses and survivors of the massacres gave their testimonies. One man told how a woman was forced to raise her dress and open her legs. Fifth Brigade soldiers, under the command of Perence Shiri, beat her with sticks saying, “Tirikurova chikafu chema dissidents” (We are beating the food of the dissidents)”. She died from the wounds.

Another story was told of a female Central Intelligence Organisation operative who allegedly sent many siNdebele men to their death for failing to have an erection after she exposed herself to them. She would ask, “Urikuona chii? (What do you see?)”.

If he was slow to reply he was sent to die. If he just mumbled and gave no clear answer, he would also be sent to die. If he managed to mention the Shona word for a woman’s private parts, he would get a short reprieve.

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