Women bake bricks

In a bid to beat the harsh economic climate, women here have turned to brick moulding

They said desperation had forced them to venture to the male-dominated field as the growth point continues to expand.

Hope Brick Moulders produces 20,000 bricks a month. It is led by Margaret Chidza who said: “Some of us are widows and some have unemployed husbands. We hope this project will sustain our lives.”

The group travels long distances to fetch water. “Water has always been a problem here. We use scotch carts to fetch drums of water from far away rivers. We need browsers.”

Another member from the group, Lucia Makahamadze, said they faced running battles with the Environmental Management Agency over cutting down trees. “But we are using exotic trees that we buy from our suppliers,” she said.

The group has appealed to the government and donors for assistance.

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