Zanu (PF) Politicises Tournament

Zanu (PF) supporters on Sunday turned the Bob 88 Super Cup semi final between Dynamos and Hwange into a campaigning rally.

During the match, the supporters who were seating at the Mpilo end continuously waved portraits of Mugabe and placards associated with Zanu (PF) campaign material.

One of the placards which was shown to the Zimbabwean had the message" Vote Bob for total empowerment " Supporters who spoke to the Zimbabwean after the match in which Dynamos lost 2-1 to the coal miners blasted the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) for sanctioning such a tournament.

"ZIFA should never sanction such tournaments which involves politicians. FIFA regulations are very clear on this issue. I will never attend such tournaments which involves politicians. Soccer and politics will never mix," said Charles Hobori.

Another soccer fan, Jairos Ncube said it was obvious that Zanu (PF) was going to turn the even into a campaign rally.

"Remember this tourmment was mooted last when elections were anticipated. Why is ZIFA allowing Zanu (PF) officials to organise this tournament? I am sure the final in Harare will be even worse. Zanu (PF) has realised that a lot of Zimbabweans love the game of football

and now they want to use this game to lure supporters into the party," said Ncube.

The Deputy national spokesperson of the mainstream MDC, Tabitha Khumalo condemned the use of soccer to gain political milege.

"We urge people to shun such tournaments in future. Throughout the world soccer is a unifying sport which should never be mixed with politics. Zanu (PF) should desist from this culture of turning national events into party functions. No wonder why the cooperate world is shunning our soccer," said Khumalo.

ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube could not be reached for comment.

Hwange will meet Platinum Foot Club in the final at Rufaro stadium. The tournament is part of Mugabe's birth celebrations. He will be turning 88 years on 21 February.

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