Zanu (PF) seals off Mbare

The country’s oldest suburb, Mbare, has been taken over by criminal elements with links to Zanu (PF) and those who are regarded as foes are persecuted.

Tendai Savanhu
Tendai Savanhu

Last year a $5 million dollar housing scheme project in Mbare was moved to Dzivarasekwa. This and many other projects are at the mercy of the shadowy vigilante group Chipangano.

People who do not share the political beliefs of Zanu (PF) are not allowed to trade at the various lucrative markets in Mbare. Those with money to invest can only do so if they are aligned to Zanu (PF).

Paul Madzore, the MDC-T chairperson for Harare Province, said lawlessness had been allowed to prevail in Mbare.

“The leaders have failed and now there is no law in Mbare. It’s like Somalia, where you have war lords controlling various places. Mbare is a hive of daylight robberies,” he said.

The City of Harare was forced to move the Bill Gates Foundation $5 million housing project to Dzivarasekwa, after Chipangano gang demanded 51 percent of the houses.

The project would have seen Council rehabilitating the dilapidated Matapi Flats.

Now a service station and a food court are at the centre of the storm. Mashede Diesel Services has ploughed $300 000 into the project, but Chipangano is not taking any of it despite the obvious job creation potential.

Workers have been beaten and are threatened if they cross the line by youths aligned to Zanu (PF).

Harare Residents Trust chairman Precious Shumba said Chipangano intends to control the levers of financial power, especially the retail and wholesale farmers’ markets, Siya-So and Magaba home industries, car parks, Mupedzanhamo Flea Market and the bus termini.

“The group is made up of young women and men, mostly drawn from Mbare’s different hostels and Joburg Lines. They exist to protect the business interests of various leaders within Zanu (PF), who also use them to intimidate and silence critics and opponents,” said Shumba.

“I have reported this to the police and JOMIC (Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee) and they have done nothing about it. They tell my customers don’t give money to a British. Do I look British?” asked Shumba.

On Saturday last week 50 rowdy youths led by Clifford Mazarura, the Zanu (PF) District 4 chairperson and Clever Ntabende, district 4 secretary, besieged the business premises of ROHR spokesperson Stan Zvorwadza.

They beat his employees because he is said to belong to the MDC-T.

The people behind the violence are believed to be perennial election losers Jimmy Kunaka and Tendai Savanhu. Ironically, the MDC-T, whose supporters have been driven off their stalls, is the party that has control of the Mbare seat.

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