ZBC staffers in beeline for docs

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation employees are stampeding to acquire education requisite with the journalism profession.


After being employed at the height of the political turmoil, many of them through the patronage system that sucked in executives at the Corporation without any journalistic education, a possible change of the political guard has ignited interest in the Diploma in Journalism or similar qualifications.

“We have had two classes of around 10 people every intake since the formation of the Unity Government. Its good business for us – but some of them I can tell you they are in the wrong profession. It will take some miracle for some of these people to remain in their jobs if a new professional executive takes over at ZBC.

Despite some of them having been in the system for years they cannot stitch together a story,” said an executive at a training college. A former ZBC staffer who was fired after the 2008 charade of an election and accused of supporting Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said standards at the state broadcaster had deteriorated steadily since the turn of the century with the sharpest periods being Jonathan Moyo’s reign and just after the 2008 bloody election run-off.

“We were fired for supporting Tsvangirai and they roped in their brothers and sisters who had no knowledge of broadcasting or journalism now they are trying to cover their tracks by enrolling these people into college,” said the former television and radio anchor.

Sources said some of those that have been enrolled include legislator and former Matebeleland South Bureau Chief Makhosini Hlongwani’s young brother Perfect. Staffers Nyasha Makota, Oscar Pambuka, Herbert Zisengwe, Ruth Masimela, Humphrey Mazonde and other back-room workers have all trained at CCOSA in the past two years or so.

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