A cloud over Sunshine City

Last week the Environment Minister, Francis Nhema, chided the management of the Rainbow Towers for not picking up litter outside the hotel perimeter fence.

The management obviously expected the city of Harare authorities to do this, after all, that is their job. But do we really need to wait for the city council to act?

We all know that Harare, like all the other councils, has its own challenges – chief among them their lack of garbage collecting capacity. It is therefore imperative that all of us get involved in cleaning up our cities. It is not only about being a good citizen, it is about taking care of our health.

Companies also have a responsibility to clean up – not only their factories and businesses, but also the surrounding areas. People generally feel good about doing business with companies that demonstrate social responsibility, so this makes good business sense.

If we are serious about cleaning up our cities, we must start with ourselves – they say charity begins at home. We should not litter in the first place. The city for its part must enforce its own bylaws that ban littering.

It is therefore gratifying to be able to report this week that a company in Msasa, Harare has taken its social responsibility seriously. They have planted trees and cleaned up the area around their business premises.

We know a host of other companies that are taking similar measures to address environmental issues in the areas where they operate. This is commendable and we hope it catches on until all companies are not only keeping their own premises clean, but contributing to the cleanliness of our cities.

This is the only way Harare has any hope of regaining its former glory as the Sunshine City.

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