Bribes prosecutor jailed

Local magistrate Vengai Douglas Chikwekwe has slapped a Kwekwe-based public prosecutor with an effective three year jail term after finding him guilty of criminal abuse of office.

Prosecutor Andrew Marimotold the court that Vincent Chikombe (34) last year prosecuted in a theft case involving Seward Chigwedere who faced charges of swindling the city council of $3900.

Chikombe allegedly advised Chigwedere that he had to pay $500 so that he would not go to prison. The two agreed Chigwedere would also press for him to be granted bail pending trial.

On a day before the court date in June 2011, Chigwedere gave Chikombe$500. He was later forced to pay another $200 and then a further $100 for the case to be thrown out.

Chigwedere reported the matter to the police after he was found guilty of the theft charge he was facing leading to the arrest of the prosecutor.

In his defence, Chikombe said he was set up for a crime he never committed.

In his judgement magistrate Chikwekwe said: “The state proved its case beyond doubt. The accused knew he was committing a crime when he took the bribe and because he was a public prosecutor entrusted with representing the Attorney General, deserves a custodial sentence,” said the magistrate.

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