Con artists make a killing

With more than two million Zimbabweans believed to live in exile in South Africa, burial societies are booming and con artists are making a killing. Amid the confusion and anger over embezzled funds, Isidingo Funeral

Petunia Twala: many fooled by conmen.
Petunia Twala: many fooled by conmen.

Cover, Director Petunia Twala (39) provides an oasis of sanity for the bereaved.

“We have witnessed a lot of people undergoing terrible stress after encountering death related problems. We need to make sure everyone has his back covered without hard time for other people,” she said.

“Investing in a funeral policy gives you protection for your money. You will be dealing with registered companies – instead of briefcase businessmen. We have seen many people lamenting after burial society members disappear with their money in time of bereavement. It’s very painful.”

With the AIDS plague taking so many people in the prime of life, funeral plan policies are more relevant than ever before. They cover the full costs of a funeral, including the feeding of large numbers of mourners through the night and following day.

Isidingo Funeral Policy charges a joining fee of R100 and monthly subscriptions of between R110 and R180 depending on the policy chosen.

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