Conditions for elections: Norton residents speak out

The recent call for elections this year has sparked debate across the country with many people expressing reservations as elections in Zimbabwe have been synonymous with violence. Heal Zimbabwe has embarked on a public consultative campaign to tap views of the ordinary citizens on what they think should be the minimum conditions for holding free and fair elections. This is what they said:

“We now want the intervention of the International Community where they come and ensure there is peace in the country and they should not leave until there is a smooth transfer of power to the winner.”

“The security forces should desist from acting as political appendages and become impartial and apolitical in the conduct of their duties as many of them behave as if they are Zanu (PF) secretariat.”

“The justice delivery system should make sure that all perpetrators of political violence including the President are prosecuted before any call for elections.”

“The call for peace should start at family level then transferred to the community at large. The Zimbabwean situation calls for an all-inclusive approach where all stakeholders, including the police, should pledge to uphold peace and stability in the country.”

“The Government should empower unemployed youth through capacity building activities as they are the ones used as stone throwers during the election period.”

“We can only talk of elections after a truth and reconciliation exercise but this exercise can only be done after all perpetrators of political violence are brought before the justice delivery system.”

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