Diaspora protests draw the line

With only days to go before round three of the Free Zimbabwe Global Protest on March 21, diasporans have turned up the heat.

In South Africa the demonstration will be held at the Union Buildings and the co-ordinators are asking as many Zimbabweans as possible to attend.

“We have to make sure the Union Buildings hear our noise so that when Jacob Zuma goes to Harare he will tell Mugabe that these demands are not just coming from SADC, but also from his own people,” said Butholezwe Nyathi, the South African co-ordinator.

The global co-ordinator, Den Moyo, expressed his confidence that the protests were effectively raising awareness for the situation in Zimbabwe.

“It is without any shadow of doubt that the protests are working and influencing the political dynamics at home. Our efforts are not in vain, and we should all take pride in the fact that we are doing something about the chaotic situation at home.”

He urged all Zimbabweans to participate, not just MDC members, because the struggle was for everybody. The theme for the March 21 protest is ‘Red Lines – Please draw them President Zuma’. The red lines referred to include a new voters’ roll, the reorganization of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the implementation of media reforms and the release of political prisoners, among other things.

“While we are encouraged by the statements attributable to some South Africa government officials, we remain nonetheless resolved to press upon South Africa and President Zuma to demand the enforcement of the GPA. This is the time for action, not appeasement,” said MDC-USA secretary, Andrew Chaponda.

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