Francis Nhema blasts Rainbow Towers Hotel

The Minister of the Environment and Tourism, Francis Nhema, says there is too much litter around the five star Rainbow Towers Hotel and management ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Francis Nhema
Francis Nhema

The Rainbow Towers Hotel is part of the Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) which is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE).

It's Chief Executive is chartered accountant, Chipo Mutasa.

"I am ashamed of the amount of litter just outside the fence of the Rainbow Towers Hotel where we are gathered today," a visibly worried Nhema said.

"Does it need 1 000 people to die of cholera in order for us to take of our litter? Why is there so much litter in Harare when we used to be called the 'Sunshine City'?

"We must clean up behind us and not leave litter lying all over the place."

More than 3 000 people are believed to have died from cholera last year in Zimbabwe according to the United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF) in its recent Report.

Nhema was addressing invited guests attending the African Environment Day in Harare.

The day has been set aside to ensure that people take environmental issues seriously.

It has, however, been renamed Wangaai Mathai Day in honour of the Kenyan environmentalist who won a Noble Peace Prize for her sterling work saving the environment in her country.

She died last year having been appointed a minister in Kenya.

The five star Rainbow Towers Hotel in Harare used to be called the Sheraton Harare Hotel and is among the most famous facilities built after Independence on April 18, 1980.

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