Girl child creativity to publish an anthology

Girl Child Creativity (GCC) is set to publish an anthology of poetry, short stories and essays written through workshops that were held last year.

In an interview with the Founder of GCC, Mbizo Chirasha said we are going to publish a book entitled Verses against Hunger with a case study on Somalia.

“We are going to publish an anthology Verses Against Hunger written by children between the age of 16 and 21 based on different workshops held last year with a basic case study of Somalia”, he said.

The famous poet and author said this is to be done with an aim to bring about creative social responsibility.

“We are aiming at bringing about creative social responsibility, community leadership and feeling for those less privileged than they are and most of all inspire their creative abilities by giving them a tangible result of their works”, he said.

In addition, Mbizo outlined GCC’s plans for 2012 which including expanding the organisation to Bulawayo and Murehwa among other areas.

“This year we will expanding into Buluwayo where we will launch a chapter at Foundation College and another chapter in Murehwa with hopes to expand future if money permits”, he said.

He also said that last year was about marketing the idea of GCC and promise on bringing projects that are sustainable.

“Given that last year’s events were about selling the whole idea of GCC, this year we will be working on bringing projects and activities that are sustainable such as the GCC Talent Festival to be held in June.

“This will be focusing on workshops, screening films and story telling that will be focusing on enhancing the girl child’s creative ability”, he said.

Mbizo also outlined that GCC will be engaging different artists to their role models in the creative industry which may include actors and actresses, sculptors, writers and filmmakers in a bid to help these aspiring artist to gain exposure by learning first hand from professionals at their own work places.

Meanwhile, Mbizo said GCC is at the moment awaiting funds from Culture Fund which promised to aid before the end of Ferbruary.

“We are waiting for funding from Culture Fund to resume activities with hope that we will be able to become self sufficient through income generating projects such as our farming program which is in the pipeline”, he said.

Mbizo Chirasha is an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer, and creative projects consultant who is widely published in more than thirty-five journals, magazines, and anthologies around the world.

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