Kunonga interferes

Villagers here have spoken out against ex-communicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga’s attempts to seize the church building at Dhirihori Business Centre.

Bishop Nolbert Kunonga
Bishop Nolbert Kunonga

“Kunonga visited Chief Lovemore Zenda Svosve last week Tuesday to get assistance from the traditional leadership to grab of the church building,” said a local villager. “We will not give up our building without a fight.”

Another villager told the Zimbabwean that the church had been built using resources from individual members of the community.

“It is a community structure and Kunonga has no legitimate or moral claim to what villagers put up in the interest of the locals. As far as we are concerned, Kunonga is not a legitimate Bishop of the Anglican Church. Should police assist him to grab our private property, we will make life difficult for him here,” he said.

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