Marange visit: no data on quantity

The Kimberly Process Civil Society Coalition visited the Marange Diamond Fields and relocated families last week and found improved security and a strong corporate social responsibility programme being run by Marange Resources.

“The ownership model at Marange Resources of 100% control by the state may be the best model to follow in promoting the interests of the people of Zimbabwe,” says a report on the findings. Housing, clinics and schools have been constructed. But the CSOs could not establish the quantity and quality of diamonds being produced.

All mining companies visited claimed that this information was not available.

“There is need for government to carry out comprehensive exploration and put in place legal, policy, institutional and financial measures to address the absence of data and information,” says the report.

Mining operations have disrupted the livelihoods and social fabric – especially of those families fenced inside concessions or on the verge of relocation in area such as Betera, Chiadzwa, Charamba, Chishingwi, Chipindiwe and Garamanowako villages. CSOs were concerned at possible water contamination in the area.

Relocated families in Arda Transau are yet to be allocated grazing and farming land and this has negative implication on their sources of income and livelihoods; they continue to live on food hand-outs mainly provided by mining companies.

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