MDC Assembly of Women International Women’s Day Statement

Theme: Empower Rural Women- End Hunger and Poverty

The assembly of women celebrates women as agents of real change working tirelessly towards a New Democratic Zimbabwe. The role of women in their diversity is critical for sustainable development and peace.

The future of Zimbabwe remains an area of concern as women continue to be vulnerable to all forms of violence and discrimination with impunity. More than 70% of the population of women lives in rural areas and continue to have limited access to land, health, education and justice.

There are laws and policies that Zimbabwe has committed to promote and advance women’s rights that continue not to be implemented. Time is now for prioritisation and ensuring women access and control of equal opportunities and resources.

There are women and girls who experienced politically motivated rape since 2000 and continue to live with trauma and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Poverty and hunger continue to deteriorate the living standards of many with ZANU PF in a crusade of partisan distribution of food, resources and economic empowerment grants.

There is an increase in girl child school dropouts, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, child headed households, child labour, commercial sex work with young girls being the mostly affected.

Most rural women MDC activists and leadership are disenfranchised because their identity cards were stolen to disenfranchise them, and their children have no birth certificates ensuring that they cannot get identity cards and they cannot to vote. As the country prepares for the next election women are registering to vote and want an environment that guarantees the security of the person, the security of the vote and the security of the people’s will.

To women of Zimbabwe, be assured the Movement for Democratic Change is ready to deliver real change, and that for the first time you will experience a new democratic Zimbabwe with jobs, food, upliftment and equal representation in decision making.

Work is in progress on the finalisation of the constitution making process, key reforms for free and fair elections. We hope that this will enable Zimbabwe to be counted amongst the free nations of the world and our country will shed the pariah status once and for all.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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