MDC condemns police brutality in Shamva

The MDC condemns in the strongest terms the indiscriminate police brutality in Shamva on Saturday night.

The deceased, Luxmore Chivambo was fatally assaulted while scores are receiving treatment at a Bindura hospital when police officers in Shamva went on a spree and assaulted residents of Ashley Mine randomly on allegations that they had stolen US$1.00 and a cellphone from the wife of Officer-in-Charge of Shamva Police Station only identified as Shumba.

During the raid at the mining, property worth thousands of dollars was looted by the police officers. It is a shame and very regrettable that a life should be lost over property worth less than $20. As the MDC we do not condone any form of vice but we believe that no amount of money is worth more than life.

MDC views the action of the Shamva police officers as unprofessional and a clear abuse of office and for the relevant authorities to come to the bottom of this matter.The MDC has been vindicated on its calls for security sector realignment in the country before the holding of the next elections. Some police officers including senior officials are no longer upholding the rule of law and abusing their powers for personal use and political patronage. Security sector realignment will guarantee among other issues, the security of the vote, security of the voter and security of the people’s will to deliver real change.

We find it strange that the police officers in Sunningdale, Harare recently in an apparent condonement of the action of Zanu PF terror’s group Chipangano, led by Jimu Kunaka, watched the youths disrupted an MDC rally in the area.

At the weekend, police details in Ruwa barred the MDC from holding another rally in Ruwa claiming they had inadequate manpower because of a soccer match in town. The security sector in any country should prioritise the protection of its country’s citizens. In Zimbabwe, however, we have elements in the security sector who act as though they are an extension of Zanu PF’s security department; those who work and lobby for Zanu PF as though they are on that party’s payroll.

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