MDC condemns violent disruptions of rallies

Nine MDC activists were attacked and injured by the Zanu PF terror gang Chipangano on Saturday while preparing for a rally in Sunningdale, Harare.

The MDC condemns the continued use of violence by Zanu PF and its militia as it is not conducive to national development. Nine people were injured after Zanu PF thugs attacked them while preparing for a peace rally at Sunningdale 1 Grounds and stole a tent that was being erected there.

The injured are: the Sunningdale district Women’s Assembly chairperson, Virgina Manyarara, Bongani Chimombo, Martin Revu, Admire Nyandoro, Martin Soda, Last Gayigatsi, Nomsa Magodyo, Listen Muderedzi and Tendai Maritinyu.

Muderedzi had a fractured jaw while Bongani sustained serious cuts on his back. The rest managed to get treatment and were discharged.

It is sad that the police, who are supposed to provide security to all citizens and uphold the law, stood by and watched as ruffians needlessly attacked innocent law abiding citizens who were exercising their democratic right of association and assembly.

This intolerance is retrogressive and does not support growth of our national politics. A healthy society is one in which people are allowed to make a choice based on what they believe in and what they like.

As the MDC, we believe the people have a God-given ability and option to choose and that ability should not be limited.

The MDC urges the police force to show the same zeal and enthusiasm they project when arresting innocent MDC members, by arresting Jimu

Kunaka and his gang of thugs who continue to terrorise civilians of this nation.

The people of Zimbabwe want peace and an end to all forms of violence, with a police force that seeks to uphold the rule of law without fear or favour.

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