MDC-T ‘astounded’ by High Court ruling on bail application

A firebrand MDC-T youth leader said on Thursday his party has been astounded by a High Court Judge’s decision to postpone indefinitely the bail application by the Glen View 29 group.

Before Thursday’s decision the bail application for the group had been postponed eight times in three weeks, due to various excuses.

Promise Mkwananzi, the Secretary-General of the Youth Assembly, told SW Radio Africa they were left shocked and disgusted at the disdainful attitude of the judiciary system in Zimbabwe.

‘This is clear case of miscarriage of justice and a deliberate ploy to continue the incarceration of innocent civilians for no apparent reason. The judge has postponed the case indefinitely and what that means is our guys are suffering indefinitely,’ Mkwananzi said.

Asked how his party will react to the judge’s ruling, the youth leader was unequivocal that they will take the fight to the highest political office in the country.

‘We’re going to press ahead politically, legally and otherwise to ensure that justice is delivered to the accused. Justice delayed is justice denied and we take this whole issue as a political motive by ZANU PF,’ Mkwananzi added.

The 29 MDC-T members are in remand prison facing charges of murdering a police officer in Glen View, Harare last May. The state last month added another charge of public violence against the group.

Mkwananzi described as ridiculous the excuses and number of times the bail application has been postponed. On Wednesday it was adjourned after one of the assessors asked to be excused as he wanted to catch a bus home.

On Monday it was postponed due to electricity cuts in the capital city. Twice last week the hearing was postponed because the judge said he was sick. Before that, another High Court Judge, Felistas Chitakunye, postponed the hearing on two occasions as she wanted more time to go through the state’s response to the bail application.

When the defence team, led by Charles Kwaramba, filed for a fresh bail application soon after the group was taken into custody earlier this month, the hearing had to be postponed twice after state prosecutors requested time to make a response.

‘If the judges are lazy or too old to hear these cases they should resign and go home. It’s absurd the entire High Court bench cannot assign a judge to deal with this matter, which in our eyes is very simple. Its either they grant them bail or not, and not this dilly-darling,’ said Mkwananzi. SW Radio Africa

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