MDC-T Chief of Staff speaks out on home raid by police

The MDC-T chief of staff, Abisha Nyanguwo, believes the raid on his home on Thursday was part of a plan by the police to plant weapons of war and cause maximum damage to the party.

Armed police officers, travelling in a vehicle that had no number plates, were only able to search the house after his dog had been secured to a safe place.

‘Initially they went to the house early in the morning in my absence and failed to gain access because of the high security wall and the dog. I believe their intention then was to plant the weapons and cause maximum damage to Prime Minister Tsvangirai who was in London on a visit,’ Nyanguwo said,

He added: ‘The focus was to damage the Prime Minister’s image since he was meeting David Cameron in London. The police officers claimed to be from homicide and were investigating some bombing in Gweru. So I wondered why they would be dealing with something that is not murder at my house.’

Nyanguwo said the police took away a vehicle that was parked at his house, alleging that it been used to bomb ZANU PF offices in Gweru. The vehicle belongs to the MDC-T.

In 2009 Roy Bennett, the MDC-T’s Treasurer-General, was arrested and accused of plotting against Mugabe. He went on trial charged with illegal possession of arms for purposes of terrorism and banditry but was found not guilty. –SW Radio Africa News

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