MPs shouldmake a living outside politics: Nezi

“Politics is both seasonal and temporary, so MPs and other elected political figures should have alternative means of survival outside politics.Whatever material or financial gain is realised out of political activity should be channelled towards improvement of the welfare of people from the legislators’ constituencies.”

Mrewa West MDC-T MP Ward Nezi.
Mrewa West MDC-T MP Ward Nezi.

These are the views of MDC-T MP for Mrewa West, Ward Nezi.

Nezihas worked tirelessly despite huge challenges to improve the economic, social and political welfare of their constituents. He has dipped into his personal business coffers to help fund public projects such as sinking of boreholes, provision of farm inputs, maintenance of community schools and clinics.

“I am an established business person in my own right and have helped to fund community projects out of my savings even before I became MP in March 2008. I have always strived to be accountable and transparent in handling public affairs,” he said in a recent interview.

He said he was encouraged to learn that a significant percentage of the incumbent legislature was doing everything possible to make an honest living out of their own means and be accountable with public affairs. To benefit all members of the community, Nezi said community development projects should be tailor-made by all those involved.

“Developmental projects in my constituency are carried out in consultation and with full participation of members of the community. Specifically, with the CDF projects, I put every effort to ensure that all wards in the constituency benefitted one way or the other despite some challenges posed by politically intolerant individuals.Though not enough, the CDF went a long way towards improving the welfare of the people through rehabilitation of dilapidated schools, clinics and broken down boreholes. In some instances I was able to supplement the project funds from personal resources and donor funds.

“Some politically intolerant individuals fromVirginia, Macheke (Ward 25), refused to accept a consignment of cement I allocated them for projects at schools and clinics. To ensure that they at least would benefit indirectly from the CDF projects, I maintained the road that services the area and constructed Blair toilets at nearby Zhakata School where their children are enrolled. I also used part of the CDF to do some face-lifting at Gororo Clinic,” he said.

“With the same token, I would like to advise the electorate that since MPs should live a life outside politics, they should not expect the legislators to be at their beck and call around the clock. We are not fulltime development officers who should be permanently on the ground on daily basis.

Nezi said hanging onto power was counter development as new brains were essential for progress. “I believe elected officials should leave public office after serving for a reasonably short term. Politicians like every other human being by nature have a useful shelf life and should give way for new blood before they become a liability. Two consecutive five year terms in office should be the limit for elected office bearers.

“The first term should be dedicated to the identification and launching of developmental projects while the second term would see completion of these efforts,” he said.

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