Mugabe and bourgeoisie clique a liability to the Nation

While millions of sons and daughters of Zimbabwe are reeling under a concoction of scotching challenges among them being of power blackouts and being switched off, a few senior ZANU PF individuals are sapping multiple megawatts and not paying for them.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

As if that is not enough, ZESA, which recently adopted an inconsiderate stance on millions of ordinary Zimbabweans who have unsettled bills, has naively decided to treat a small gang of Zanu Pf cronies as “sensitive customers” and still enjoy light and heat regardless of their bulging debts.

The shocking revelations of Mugabe and crew’s fat bills by the dedicated crew at one of Zimbabwe’s daily papers, the Daily News has just revealed how some people can literally misbehave with impunity.

Mugabe’s electricity bill stands at over $US350 000 curtsey of abnormal power drainage at an array of his known properties, the cumulative debt of an array of his confidants (senior ZANU PF officials) curtsey of power gobbling at an array of their properties is estimated at over 10 million united states dollars which has contributed to the plunging of the national electricity supply grid into a quandary. The same gang is popularly known for bleeding the nation of millions of dollars in the form of health, globetrotting, education and luxurious living expenses for them, their families and extended families.

That the innocent ordinary sons and daughters of Zimbabwe are being tortured by indefinite exposures to darkness through power cuts, load shedding, disconnections because of debts that they honestly cannot afford to settle while a few elements enjoy at liberty should be condemned in strongest terms. The typical “animal farm” approach to governance, characterized by the “some animals are more equal than others” rule is so regrettable and the people of Zimbabwe should stand up and say enough is enough.

We expect ZESA to clamp down hard on these individuals who owe the entity such vast amounts instead of suffocating the ordinary person. Ordinary people who have been switched off, prosecuted and persecuted might actually deserve to be pardoned.

As MDC Youth Assembly we feel that this gang of ZANU PF shenanigans needs to be brought to book and their properties further investigated. They have grabbed, and continue to grab multiple properties in the guise of “government policy” code named various labels at the nations’ expense and exacerbate that by dodging paying bills.

The Assembly strongly condemns the holding of the masses at ransom because of the insatiable greed and impunity being enjoyed by a few people connected to the ageing ZANU Pf leader. This generation has regrettably become an expense.

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