Mugabe presence leads to police assaults in Bulawayo

Scores of people were assaulted by armed police and removed from the proximity of the ZANU-PF offices in Bulawayo early on Thursday evening, after Robert Mugabe addressed traditional chiefs at a convention earlier in the day.


SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme reported that the riot squad had sealed off 6th Avenue Extension, also called Luveve Road, which connects Bulawayo Central to the western suburbs. It’s believed this was due to Mugabe’s presence at the ZANU PF offices at Davies Hall.

Saungweme said about 15 police officers in anti-riot gear assaulted innocent people who happened to be near the ZANU PF building. There was chaos as many ran for safety in different directions.

“What is worrying is that not only did police attack people, but ZANU PF youths wound up joining in and beating people. Some were even thrown into trucks and dropped off elsewhere,” Saungweme explained.

He said police assaults without provocation took place each time Mugabe went to Bulawayo last year. It appears the police wait until the end of the day when reporters have left, then start their abuses.

Earlier on Thursday, Bulawayo police officials had banned a march organized by women from labour union, the ZCTU, who were forced to commemorate International Women’s Day at their offices.

Organizers were told this was due to Mugabe’s arrival in town to address the Chiefs Convention. The women had been threatened by police, who said riot teams would be unleashed if they came close to Drill Hall where the chiefs met. – SW Radio Africa News

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