Mugabe’s promotion of 8 colonels to brigadier generals uncalled for

The MDC is greatly dismayed by the recent illegal appointments and promotions effected in the Zimbabwe National Army by Zanu PF’s Robert Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

These promotions are clearly against the spirit and provisions of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed on 15 September 2008. The GPA, Section 20.1.3 (p) is very specific and categorical in stating that such appointments must be made in full consultation with the Prime Minister.

In this regard these promotions smack of an intention by Mugabe and Zanu to further seek a patronage system as was the case with Douglas Nyikayaramba.

The promotion of Nyikayaramba to the position of Major General was a reward for issuing treasonous and unconstitutional statements only suitable for seizing and undermining civilian authority in Zimbabwe.

The MDC is further disturbed by reports that the army is recruiting and training unqualified Zanu PF youths on a massive scale across the country.

The MDC is alarmed bearing in mind that the army was willingly used in 2008 to perpetrate violence against innocent civilians seen to be advancing the democratic values in Zimbabwe.

The electorate will be well within its rights to question the strengthening of the army at a time when thousands are facing starvation in the country and when Zimbabwe is not at war with any country.

Where is the money for all this strengthening going to come from? Is this perhaps where the diamond revenue is going to instead of Treasury?

The people have a right to know who has declared war on Zimbabwe if anyone, for the Defence Minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa to feel the need to recruit more soldiers in order to reinvigorate the army.

It is clear that Zanu PF is panicking and wants to use the army to stop the smooth transfer of power when it is defeated in the next watershed elections when they are held.

The MDC therefore calls upon the inclusive government to put pressure on Mugabe and Mnangagwa to desist from unnecessary wastage of resources in his quest of expanding a partisan army.

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