Police do nothing to stop Chipangano violence

The MDC-T MP for Sunningdale in Harare, Margaret Matienga, says she was horrified that the terror group Chipangano brutally attacked her party supporters, including children, in the presence of armed police.

‘They just stood there and watched helplessly as Chipangano waged criminal terror on innocent civilians. One wonders what would have happened if the opposite happened. All the police cells would now be packed with MDC-T supporters,’ Matienga said.

Nine MDC-T members ended up needing hospital treatment on Saturday after the Jim Kunaka led terror group stormed a rally in Sunningdale and beat up people with logs and iron bars.

Kunaka has been implicated in a number of the groups’ murders, beatings and torture cases, but none of the crimes linked to the group have ever been investigated by the police so far.

‘Seven men and two women suffered various degrees of injuries, and at least one of the men was left for dead when he was hit in the head with an iron bar,’ Matienga said.

The legislator condemned the deliberate and planned attack by Chipangano, saying she was left shocked that the police stood by and let the group run riot at the venue of the rally. Matienga claimed the attack was meticulously planned after seeing Kunaka carrying out surveillance of the area.

He allegedly drove to the venue twice in a pick-up truck and surveyed the area. It was after his second visit, and barely 10 minutes after he had left, that several Kombis were seen dropping off members of Chipangano. The MP thinks the thugs were assembled in Mbare and just waiting for a signal. Sunningdale and Mbare are neighbouring residential areas in the capital.

‘First of all, we got permission from the police and they promised us full protection. But it is inconceivable that such levels of impunity could exist without being known in the highest echelons of the police force.

‘For more than a year, there have been widespread scenes of violence by the same group, but the police have not pursued the well known offenders,’ claimed Matienga.

The legislator told us the reason why the ZANU PF linked Chipangano was resorting to violence is the knowledge that Robert Mugabe will face a crushing defeat at the next elections.

‘Jim Kunaka and his Chipangano group intend to spread terror in Harare so that fear grips our supporters to force voter apathy. We’re now in the 21st century and those medieval tactics will never work again in an informed society like Zimbabwe thanks to new media, internet and Facebook,’ the MP said. – SW Radio Africa News

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