Police raid at MDC99 president’s House

The leadership and general membership of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC99) wish to register disappointment over the recent police raid on President Job Sikhala’s residence in Chitungwiza purportedly in search of arms.

Job Sikhala
Job Sikhala

The action which we believe was a directive from some Zanu PF officials is shocking considering that the armed police officers did not have valid search warrant.

The overzealous act by police officers smacks of a plot to intimidate and harass the party president and membership ahead of our planned nationwide hunger strike.

At least 50 heavily armed police officers suspected to be from the Police General Headquarters stormed the president’s St Mary’s residence forcing entrance into the house. The squad led by a lady who identified herself as Inspector Thandi and officer in charge, Inspector Mkwaira of Harare Central, Law and Order Unit harassed the President’s family.

The harassment is a clear sign that the police, state security agents and militia are going too far and have no respect for the President and should be stopped as a matter of urgency.

As a party we are working on maximizing security details on the President and will seek legal redress to make sure that these harassments stop.

The raid at the President’s residence comes barely four days after we announced our intentions of embarking on a hunger strike to challenge the inclusive to implement reforms. We are going ahead with our plan despite threats by the police commissioner to thwart us.

As a democratic movement we are not intimidated and let it be known that there is no amount of intimidation that will intimidate us. Mahatma Gandhi, “If we want freedom, we shall not gain it by killing or injuring others, but by dying or submitting ourselves to suffering.”

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