Police raid senior MDC official’s Harare

Armed police officers today at around 5am, raided the residence of MDC Chief of Staff, Abisha Nyanguwo in Harare, claiming to search for weapons of war and mass destruction before they impounded his Isuzu double cab vehicle.

The officers claimed the raid was in connection with the bombing of Zanu PF’s Gweru offices in December 2011.

No-one was arrested but the impounded vehicle was taken to Mabelreign Police Station.

The police went to Nyanguwo’s house in the morning but were denied entry by his lawyer because they did not have a search warrant. The police officers called for reinforcement and police officers from Harare’s Law and Order Section arrived with a search warrant.

They searched the house but failed to find any weapons. The police then impounded his vehicle on allegations that it had been used to bomb the Gweru offices.

Early this year, police in Gweru arrested three MDC members, Shepherd Marange, Douglas Tsuro and Silas Mutendeudzwa on charges of bombing the Zanu PF offices but were released later.

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