Residents Should Desist from illegal Electricity Reconnections

CHRA has learnt with deep sadness that a Chegutu resident has been sentenced to ten years in prison for reconnecting himself after ZESA had officially disconnected electricity supply from his respective household.

In our fight for social justice, we are aware that the obtaining socio-economic environment is currently affecting everyone especially those from the poor and marginalized communities let alone child-headed households. We appreciate the fact that at least 60% of urban residents are embroiled in huge municipal and ZESA debts simply because they cannot afford to pay these bills due to a number of reasons ranging from service unaffordability and unemployment.

However, in our quest for social justice, we do not urge residents to take the law into their hands and engage in life threatening activities such as reconnecting power supplies without proper assistance from ZESA electricians. Doing so can result in electrocutions on the part of the individual reconnecting or innocent children. These days ZESA is switching off electricity directly from its power lines and these are heavily charged and can cause immediate death.

We understand that ZESA has gone on an operation which is targeting all residents who owe the parastatal and we have since engaged them to allow those with payment plans to continue receiving electricity. However, we have also noted that at times, even individuals who have organized payment plans can be disconnected at times.

In such cases residents should immediately contact the local ZESA office for clarification. If no assistance is rendered, CHRA has got ward coordinators in all 46 wards of Harare who are ready to assist in case of any problem 24hours a day. If there is need to engage ZESA at a higher level, please feel free to contact the public relations office directly or call CHRA on the following number 747 986, 0774 731 770 or 0776 607 516 and a meeting will be facilitated between you and ZESA.

CHRA urges ZESA not to disconnect residents with payment plans and stick to our agreement which binds ZESA to continue proving electricity to all residents with payment plans.

CHRA remains committed to good local governance practiced on a non partisan basis!

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