Robber faces increased jail term for Mugabe insult

A convicted robber, already serving time in prison, may have added to his jail term during a hearing at Harare Magistrates Court this week.

According to the Daily News, robber Daniel Mutema and two co-defendants were given 12 years for robbery last year. When sentenced he got angry and started using vulgar language, calling prosecutor Sekai Mukweya Mugabe’s prostitute and he also said that Mugabe was a murderer.

Mutema reportedly continued to insult Mugabe and Mukweya, suggesting the two were sexually involved. He also accused the ageing ZANU PF leader of being infertile. He went on to say that even if sent to jail for 70 years, he would be released when Tsvangirai came to power.

Back in court this week Mutema was charged with “undermining the authority of or insulting the President” and there is an alternative charge of contempt of court. He was also slapped with three other charges of criminal insult.

Mutema reportedly denied making the insults. He told the court some judicial officers had solicited a bribe for his freedom, but he had failed to come up with the funds and this is why he was being sent to prison for 12 years. The trial continued on Friday.

Last year a carpenter from Dangamvura was arrested and accused of “undermining the authority of the President,” after making a joke about Robert Mugabe. Watching TV coverage of Mugabe’s 88th birthday celebrations, Richmore Mashinga Jazi suggested that the ageing Mugabe must have had help blowing up his birthday balloons.

Lawyer Kumbirai Mafunda of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, told SW Radio Africa at the time that the law was being used to protect Mugabe from criticism. SW Radio Africa

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