Roll has 3 million ghost voters: analysts

Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede was quoted on state radio last week saying the much-disputed Voters Roll is “perfect”. The Voters Roll is one of the key platforms of the Zanu (PF) strategy to manipulate any election in the near future.

TobaiwaMudede: claims 5,8 million Voters Roll is “perfect”
TobaiwaMudede: claims 5,8 million Voters Roll is “perfect”

The present total voting public of the country is estimated to be about three million. Mudede’s Voters Roll engineered has 5,8 million voters on it – at least three million are ghost voters, who simply do not exist. Analysts say that by means of careful and systematic manipulation Mudede has created a roll that has 75 per cent of the names in rural districts and 25 per cent in urban areas. Their estimates are the reverse – two thirds urban and one third rural.

“Clearly they intended to conduct a new delimitation exercise using the roll and this would have reduced the number of urban seats from 84 to 52. They did a similar exercise in 2008 with a similar reduction in urban seats. Then they would use the ghost voters on the roll to justify massive vote rigging, including ballot stuffing. For example in 2008 Norton Constituency recorded up to four times the number of votes cast as against the number on the roll,” said a respected analyst.

Commenting on the allegations that the roll contains 100,000 voters over 100 years old, Mudede said: “You don’t want these people to attain 100 years; you don’t want them to be alive?”

The Zimbabwe Election Commission needs about $20 million to fix the roll.

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