Sunningdale residents' update

RESIDENTS here have expressed dismay at the raw deal that they are getting from the City Council and ZESA. This came up at a Focus Group Discussion organised by the Sunningdale Residents’ Committee which is a structure set up by the HRT to coordinate activities at grassroots level and respond to resident’s issues.

The meeting was attended by 38 residents of Sunningdale. HRT residents’ Committees have demonstrated the capacity to mobilize residents in their localities to speak on issues affecting their welfare. The Community Coordinators have shown the ability to work with the established committees and coordinate community activities at community level.

The meeting was facilitated by Simbarashe Majamanda – HRT Membership Officer, Marshal Masiyazi – Programs Intern, Community Coordinators: Cephas Chikwavava and Wilmore Mativenga and Juliet Masiyambiri – RC Vice Chairperson (Glen Norah),

Key issues that emerged from the discussion are as follows:

• Load shedding has become excessive, being switched off around 4am only to return around 10pm in the suburb to the extent that residents are unable to use electricity for their chores;

• The roads in the area are infested with potholes. There is poor drainage along the roads which is leading to water flowing into residents’ houses especially areas around Third Circle;

• The quality of water continues to be a concern for the residents as it is smelly, especially in the morning and has visible impurities. Residents now prefer borehole water and the one borehole that has been sunk in the suburb is insufficient;

• There is lack of recreational facilities in the area and the land that was meant for this has been allocated for other purposes for example Zaoga church built on land that has been meant for a preschool;

• Street lighting is poor in the Western part of the suburb and this compromises the security of residents at night;

• The plastic bag bins that are being provided by the council should be replaced with plastic bins which have lids to eliminate the threat of diseases;

• Ambulance services are unreliable in the area as calls are not being attended to and could threaten lives of those in critical need of medical attention;

• Residents are not getting adequate feedback from their Ward 10 Councillor Musa Macheza on key service delivery issues however, the councillor managed to respond to the blocked drainage after being engaged by the local residents’ committee, demonstrating the HRT’s capacity to document and

• Residents expressed keen interest to engage in activities on the HRT calendar for 2012 such as soccer tournament; and

• Residents appreciated the need to be proactive in dealing with issues that affect them and take the initiative in order to locate their position in line with the HRT vision of “A Free and Prosperous Citizenry”

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