The people are watching

If anyone had any doubt, it is now patently clear that Johannes Tomana is not fit to be the Attorney General.

His decision to stop the prosecution of parliamentarians who stole money from the public purse is a clear indication that he is not prepared to enforce the law when Zanu (PF) members are likely to be found guilty.

We find his logic in halting the prosecution of thieving MPs flawed. How can he honestly believe that the interests of justice would be served by his actions? His argument that all 210 MPs need to be audited before anyone can be prosecuted for stealing the Constituency Development Fund moneys is bonkers. We support the auditing of all the funds given to MPs in all constituencies. It is in the interests of Zimbabwe, and indeed the reputation of the individual MPs themselves, that those who have used the money properly should be exonerated and those who have not should be brought to book – regardless of their status or the amounts involved.

What the thieving MPs have done is unforgivable. They have misappropriated taxpayers’ money that was meant to develop the country and improve the lot of their constituents – the very people who voted them into Parliament during the bloody 2008 elections.

The people voted for the candidates they thought would best look after their interests. Little did they know that some of the prospective MPs were only interested in helping themselves to get their snouts into the feeding trough – which has for so long been Zanu (PF)’s modus operandi.

The Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Eric Matinenga, said his ministry was hamstrung as it only had five auditors. Hence the slow progress in determining which MPs had failed to account properly for their use of the CDF.

We don’t understand why the Auditor General’s Office does not second some staff members to that ministry to help expedite this important task. The process needs to be done urgently so that the reputation of our MPs can be protected – and the guilty brought to book. At the moment we don’t know who is guilty and who is not. Our MPs must be above reproach.

They make laws for us – and they in turn must be seen to be law abiding. Any criminal elements among them must be weeded out. As soon as compelling evidence is gathered, the sticky-fingered MP must be arrested like other common criminals. This is the only way to deal with corruption. It is the only way to send a clear message to corrupt people that their activities will not be tolerated.

By his actions Tomana is sending a message: If you are a thieving MP you will be treated differently from other criminals. The impression we have is that this is a desperate attempt by Tomana to save some thieving Zanu (PF) MPs from prosecution. The people are watching.

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