The Zimbabwean has a loyal readership

Despite the fact that The Zimbabwean is published outside the country it has a loyal readership keen to follow the country’s events on a weekly basis.

In an interview after presenting the second quarter of data which had a bias towards the rural areas Ellington Kamba the managing director of Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) said that international publications such as The Zimbabwean had a loyal readership.

“Papers such as The Zimbabwean have a loyal readership that is consistent and does not fluctuate like other papers whose readership keeps changing.

“What we have realized in all our surveys is that such publications and exiled radio stations’ readership and listenership continues to be constant meaning that they have nurtured their own audiences,” said Kamba.

Editor of The Zimbabwean, Wilf Mbanga, said since its inception in 2005 the newspaper had made a consistent effort to be a newspaper of the people. "We are most grateful to our readers for their continued support through thick and thin. We hope that our new focus on development and stories of success and hope will inspire our loyal readers and attract new ones all around the country," said Mbanga.

The paper is currently in the process of setting up an office in Harare in order to register with the ZMC.

While there has been an opening of media space in the print sector the broadcasting side has hitherto remained a preserve of Zanu PF, with BAZ recently licensing two stations – owned by Zimpapers and Supa Mandiwanzira’s ABC Radio Station, both Zanu PF aligned.

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