Touts fight running battles with ZANU thugs

Touts at a long distance pick up point along the Harare road on Thursday fought running battles with a group of Zanu (PF) youths who were demanding protection fees from the touts for operating in the area.

The marauding youths who were armed with stones and logs descended on the touts , demanding $100 from each of the four groups which operate at the point.

“A group of Zanu (PF) led by Tichaona Shoko came here demanding money from our members. When we resisted, they started attacking us with stones and logs .They also stoned some of the vehicles which we were loading. Two of our colleagues were taken to Mpilo hospital,” said a spokesperson of the touts who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

When the Zimbabwean news crew visited the busy pick up point, the situation was tense with the youths milling around the area while most of the touts had retreated to a nearby beer hall probably strategising their next move.

“There is no way we can give the youths the money which they are demanding. We are just trying to make a living through honest means but these youths are harassing us. These youths have declared war and if they came again we will be forced to hit back,” said another youth.

The touts last week approached their local member of parliament, Tabitha Khumalo over the issue.

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