Vigil to petition British PM

Following Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s talks here last week with his British counterpart David Cameron, the Vigil will soon present a petition to Whitehall calling for UN supervision of the next elections.

Last Saturday at the Vigil.
Last Saturday at the Vigil.

Cameron promised Tsvangirai his support in ensuring the elections are free and fair.

The Vigil hopes that Britain, as a permanent member of the Security Council, will pass on the petition, which reads: ‘We call on the Security Council to ensure that the next elections in Zimbabwe are free and fair. We look to the United Nations to supervise the electoral process and the handover of power to a new government and believe peace-keeping troops will need to be in place before, during and after the polling.’

Tsvangirai was typically buoyant during his London visit, promising to form a government of national unity if the MDC wins power and giving reassurances to Mugabe’s cronies to ease their fears of retribution. The Vigil does not share his optimism. We don’t think a hyena can change its spots but we would feel a lot less pessimistic if the UN acted on our petition.

The Vigil also appeals to the UK government to spend some of its $100 million a year aid to help Zimbabwe find out which human rights treaties it has agreed to. Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told Parliament recently that the government didn’t have a clue. Perhaps if Chinamasa knew that a biased judiciary was not permitted, Gwisai and his companions would not have been tortured and convicted for watching television.

Or the ‘First Family’ could not run up an unpaid $350,000 electricity bill for their numerous farms. Or that Police Commissioner Chihuri could not make off with 80 tonnes of fertilizer from the Grain Marketing Board while the majority of farmers failed to get a single bag – contributing to yet another disastrous agricultural season. –

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