Villagers forced to pay for chief's car

Ward 13 villagers in Chipinge East constituency, Manicaland are crying foul after being forced to pay $5, 00 per household by ZANU (PF) supporters who want to repair the chief’s vehicle which was involved in an accident while pirating.

Speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, one villager narrated how Chief Mapungwana was last month involved in an accident while travelling from Chipinge to Chako Business Centre. The chief was carrying a number of passengers one of whom died on the spot while others escaped with minor injuries.

A few days ago, the headman of the area, Eatwell Simango and some ZANU (PF) supporters, acting on behalf of the chief, advised all villagers that they should pay $5, 00 for the repair of chief’s vehicle or else risk eviction from the area. So far, those who have failed to pay have been denied access to food aid and fertiliser under the government agricultural inputs scheme.

Only ZANU (PF) sympathisers have benefited from the programme at the expense of perceived MDC sympathisers. The chief says the programme is a ZANU (PF) venture meant for the supporters.

The households which are over 600 are set to raise in excess of $3000, 00

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