Wanted: a new value system

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority was last week forced to issue a statement denying that the First family owes over $300 000 in unpaid electricity bills.

A list of debtors leaked by disgruntled employees, reads like a Who’s Who of Zanu (PF) – from President Robert Mugabe, to ministers, governors, MPs and security chiefs. It also contains a few in the MDC parties. This tells a sad story of a leadership that feels so entitled to everything that they are unwilling to pay their electricity bills.

At the same time ZESA has been pursuing ordinary citizens, cutting off electricity for late payments of as little as $100. ZESA is daily on the prowl in poor urban suburbs yet issues statements protecting the politically connected in society.

The same Ministers and leaders, who are not paying their bills, sit weekly in cabinet meetings, discussing how to make ZESA work.

As corruption, hunger and repression persists, Mugabe and Zanu (PF) demand elections. The people face another season of violence and repression as the party seeks to prolong its stay in power – and its looting.

If Mugabe was the super patriot we are told day in day out by the state media that he is, then he surely should be the first to pay his bills. Go to the state owned Cold Storage Company (CSC) and ask who looted cattle and the same list of those who owe ZESA will show up. Go to Marange and look at those who loot Diamonds, go to Harare city council and look at those who loot residential and business stands, go to GMB, District Development Fund, the same names pitch up.

Zimbabwe is under the control of one of the most ruthless political mafia that stops at nothing to self-enrichment, and is prepared to shoot, jail and intimidate its own people to maintain its ill-gotten wealth. Zimbabwe needs much more than a free and fair election, but a complete cleansing and a new value system. – By David RM Mutomba, journalist and Human Rights activist.

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