Women – fight to be heard: Mpariwa

Women need to be strong and determined in their effort to have their voices heard in political circles, the Minister of Labour and Social Services Paulina Mpariwa said.

According to the minister, the violent nature of politics can deter women from getting involved, but she called on members of her sex not to give up.

“My experience has taught me that unless women are strong willed and determined, they will not make it as politicians,” said Mpariwaprior to her departure for a United Nations meeting on the Status of Women in New York.

“Women fear the violence associated with politics and unless we move away from this, there will ne very few women in positions of leadership. There are a lot of educated and qualified women out there, but the history of our country makes it very difficult for them to put themselves forward at party structures or in primary elections.” Mpariwa urged physically challenged women to take part in politics in order to champion their cause.

“Electing a representative is the basis for amplifying women’s voices. Physically challenged women should be forthcoming and assume leadership positions if their issues are to be heard and prioritised,” she said.

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