Zanu (PF) benefits from touts

Zanu (PF) is the main beneficiary of the party’s youth empowerment projects through bus terminus tout activities, The Zimbabwean has learnt.

“Cash collected by rank marshals from bus terminuses across the country is being surrendered at Zanu (PF) offices at the end of the day,” a rank marshal told The Zimbabwean. “Party rank marshals popularly known as touts are being paid a commission from the revenue. Most of the cash is retained by the party for unspecified programmes.”

An 18-seater mini-bus pays $3 levy to the rank marshals whenever it leaves a terminus. On average, a town terminus here would get about $150.

“We are grouped into teams of five and each member keeps a close eye on the other lest some cash find its way into individual pockets. Any act of mistrust attracts severe disciplinary action from the party authorities. At the end of the day, youths manning the ranks earn less than $70 per month.”

The Zanu (PF) district spokesperson could not be reached for comment. But sources at the party offices defended the project as a noble means of empowering the youths.

Across the country, every pick-up point is manned by the self-styled Zanu (PF) rank marshals and touts. Passengers suffer as touts argue with each other and fight over which bus should load first. In the commotion, many have lost valuables to thieves.

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