ZANU-PF factionalism spreads to Upfumi Kuvadiki

ZANU-PF bigwigs have taken their fight to youth empowerment group Upfumi Kuvadiki which has broken up into two groups and chaos reigned supreme at a press conference earlier today.

The groups; one led by former spokesperson Alson Darikayi and the rival camp by Pedzisai Sakukwanya almost came to blows as the fight turned nasty.

Darikayi was defiant declaring he was ready to take on the bigwigs without naming them. “We know some people want to use us as a political tool, but we will not budge we have a mandate from President Mugabe and that’s what drives us.

“I can tell you there are Ministers who want to use us and drive a wedge between the youths but they will not succeed,” Darikayi declared.

He said the chaos that characterized the press conference was a clear sign that some people were singing for indeginisation by day and against it by night even in ZANU-PF.

“As you can see if we are to take over in the retail sector there is going to be chaos that’s why we have chosen Easipark and for that we will fight to our death, we will take one issue at a time hence our 72 hour notice to Easipark to either take us on board or risk our invasion,” the combative Darikayi added

Highly placed sources within the two camps confirmed they were being funded by different party factions.

“You see the problem is some party chefs are now involved they have facilitated the formation of two companies, Mbuya Nehanda Parking and Parking Patrol in readiness to take over Easipark and this is where the problem started.

“It’s the usual fight for self aggrandisement, Minister Ignatius Chombo is behind Mbuya Nehanda while Indeginisation Minister Saviour Kasukuwere is behind the splinter group led by Sakukwanya who have formed Parking Patrol,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

Darikai confirmed there were two competing parking companies that are readying themselves to take over Easi-park.

“It’s true but I am not sure about the involvement of ministers on our side and on the side of our colleagues, what I can tell you is this other group is as you have seen for yourself led by uneducated hooligans bent on perpetuating political patronage.

“We are not deterred though for us its aluta continua,” Darikayi said. His rival though Sakukwanya denied saying they remained apolitical.

“Never, ever we are not funded by anyone they have also associated us with Jim Kunaka but we say if he is for youth empowerment then anyone is welcome,” Sakukwanya said.

Analysts believe Local government Minister Chombo has always been seen as the hand behind Upfumi Kuwadiki’s formation but the coming on board of Kasukuwere who is said to be a relative of the secretary general in the other group Tatenda Maroodza brings in a new dimension altogether.

President Robert Mugabe has admitted his party is being torn apart by factionalism and hence has delayed his retirement and grooming of a possible successor.

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